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Health care is changing.

Along with the reform of healthcare, individuals are guaranteed health insurance regardless of pre-existing health conditions. 


  • You may qualify for financial help to lower the cost of coverage. Free or low-cost plans are available to those who qualify based on income.


  • Benefit Team guides you through each step of the open enrollment process. 


Seniors are our specialty.

Benefit Team is AHIP certified to represent Medicare supplements, Part D Prescription Drug plans and Medicare Advantage plans.


  • Benefit Team will help you find the perfect Medicare insurance plan to fit your needs. 


  • Benefit Team has the expertise gained from many years of sales and servicing Medicare HMO health plans and Medicare supplements for seniors.  


Confused about insurance?

Benefit Team will help you get the information you need to guide your insurance decisions. We'll be there to help you every step of the way. 


  • Benefit Team will research cost, coverage, network providers, and benefits to find the best plan fit for you. 


  • Benefit Team is licensed and certified in Washington, Oregon, California, and Idaho to serve all your healthcare insurance needs. 



Requesting a free insurance quote from your Benefit Team is quick, easy, and comes with no obligation.


We're simply here to help. 


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