Senate Republicans Reviving Effort To Repeal ACA By End Of September.

September 18, 2017



The Washington Post  (9/17, Viebeck, Weigel) reports that Senate Republican leaders are reviving their effort to repeal the ACA by the end of the month and have asked the CBO to “fast-track” consideration of the “so-called Graham-Cassidy bill.” Democrats are reportedly taking the latest effort “seriously.”

        CNN  (9/17, Fox, Mattingly, Lee) reports on its website that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) will make another attempt at a repeal bill “if Graham and Cassidy can secure the votes.” The article adds that an Administration official confirmed that the White House is “also making a push for the bill.” However, “there are no plans to call in President Donald Trump to make a full-fledged lobbying effort just yet.”

        Sen. Paul Says He Cannot Support New ACA Repeal Effort Because It Does Not Go Far Enough. The Hill  (9/15, Roubein) reported that Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has said he is unable to “support the newest ObamaCare repeal plan a quartet of senators is pushing, highlighting the hurdles the legislation would need to overcome to pass the upper chamber.” Calling the measure “Obamacare Lite,” Paul tweeted on Friday, “I can’t support a bill that keeps 90% of Obamacare in place. #GrahamCassidy is not repeal or replace.”

        House Speaker Almost Endorses Graham-Cassidy ACA Repeal Bill. The Hill  (9/15, Hellmann) reported that on Friday, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) “stopped short of endorsing the Senate GOP’s last-ditch effort to repeal ObamaCare, though he applauded their efforts.” He tweeted, “I appreciate Senators Graham and Cassidy continuing to work on a plan to pass the Senate. ... I’ll take federalism over ObamaCare any day.” The article added that although Cassidy said on “Friday morning he thinks he will win enough votes to pass his bill, it’s looking unlikely.”

        The Washington Examiner  (9/15, Weaver) reported that Ryan said the measure has “real promise and potential.” He added, “It’s basically federalism where you just block grant the whole thing. ... You block grant Obamacare back to the states. Just the whole thing.”

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