1) Senate Delays Vote On ACA Repeal, 2) Affect on Medicaid, 3) Penalty Clause Added

June 28, 2017



1) On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), delayed a vote on the ACA repeal bill until after the week long holiday recess, in effort to garner needed support from still undecided senators.

2) The New York Times (6/27, Rappeport, Subscription Publication) reports that Republicans, facing criticism “for proposing health care legislation that would reduce Medicaid funding by hundreds of billions of dollars, have embraced an old argument that taking money from a program is not a ‘cut.’” Presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway told ABC over the weekend “that Republicans were not in fact cutting funding for the government-run insurance program for the poor.” She explained, “We don’t see them as cuts,” but a slowing of the growth of Medicaid spending. The Times says the issue is “whether the funding changes should be compared to the increases that would occur under current law, the Affordable Care Act, or whether the focus should be on the modest annual increases that would happen under the Republican bill.”

3) The Wall Street Journal (6/27, Mathews, Subscription Publication) reports that on Monday, Senate GOP leaders modified their Affordable Care Act repeal bill so that it would require consumers to continuously have health insurance coverage, or face penalties. The article says they did so at the urging of the insurance industry, which is worried that without a provision similar to the ACA’s individual mandate, the market would face higher risks. In spite of this concession, the industry remains concerned that the change may not be enough to stabilize this sector.

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