Senate GOP Leaders Seem Determined To Hold Vote On ACA Repeal Measure Soon.

June 7, 2017


The Washington Post  (6/6) reports top Senate GOP lawmakers “are aiming to conclude their perilous and divisive effort to rewrite the nation’s health-care laws as soon as late this month, giving themselves only weeks to resolve substantial disagreements and raising the possibility that their push will collapse.” Some are “eyeing a vote by the end of July on a bill to be completed by early that month, with some aspiring to wrap up even sooner, as they cast ahead to the other legislative priorities on the horizon.” One even said the vote should be held even if the measure lacks enough support to pass. Indeed, some GOP senators and their aides “are already privately discussing how the GOP would craft its midterm campaign message if it fails to pass a health-care bill, suggesting they could tell voters they need to build a bigger majority to finally undo the Affordable Care they have long promised.”

        The AP  (6/6) reports that “even as senators headed toward a make-or-break vote before the Fourth of July, deep uncertainty remained about whether the emerging legislation would command enough support to pass.” As a result, senators “spent time discussing a fallback plan that would involve a stopgap measure to stabilize insurance markets.” This would allow “lawmakers more time to tackle broader health care system problems.”

        Politico  (6/6, Everett, Haberkorn) reports that GOP senators “can lose only two votes and still repeal and replace the law via a fast-track process that sidesteps Democratic filibusters.”

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