Benefits of Covered California for Small Business

May 3, 2017


Variety. Choice. Affordability.  That’s Smart.  That’s Covered California


Benefit Team, a certified insurance broker for Covered California for Small Business, and LISI one of California’s leading General Agents for Covered California for Small Business (CCSB), would like to share some valuable information that will help you understand the benefits small group clients can experience with Covered California..  After review of this post, contact Benefit Team at (800) 248-7114 or online at to learn how Covered CA Small Business may benefit your California small business (1 - 1-- employees).


First, let’s talk about variety.

The Covered California for Small Business exchange offers your clients a multi-carrier defined contribution plan that allows them to set their base plan and provides the ability for employees to select something more, based on their own needs and budget.


Now, let’s look closer at the value of choice.

A group may elect one metal tier or two adjacent metal tiers to offer their members.  And within each metal tier or tier combination, all plans and networks are available with no limitations.  CCSB offers the choice of six carriers (three statewide and three regional) and nine different networks.  With the addition of the Blue Shield Full Network PPO plans, added to the Health Net PPO Plans, CCSB has a complete portfolio of PPO plans including In-state, National and International coverage.


  1. Kaiser Permanente

  2. Health Net

  3. Blue Shield of California


– these regional solutions offer significant rating advantages.

  1. Sharp – San Diego

  2. CCHP – San Francisco and Northern San Mateo

  3. Western Health Advantage (only available through Covered California) – Sacramento and Northern Bay Area.

Lastly, let’s review cost.

CCSB offers 42 price points across their portfolio.  They do not charge a monthly administrative fee, and there are never any late fees.  All carriers (with the exception of Kaiser Permanente) have the same rates if you went direct, but through CCSB, the added value of choice and variety come at no added charge.

Before we conclude, let’s take a look at some additional smart reasons why CCSB is right for your clients:

  • TheLasty have a pricing advantage over Kaiser direct because they do not bundle pediatric dental.

  • Tax Credit Advantage: Small businesses that purchase health insurance coverage through Covered California may qualify for federal tax credits to offset part of their costs.

  • CCSB writes employee only coverage.

  • No minimum participation requirements.

  • They recently removed their Out of State (OOS) participation requirements so you no longer need 51% of employees in California to write the group.

  • CCSB offers a 12 month rate guarantee for all of their plans.

Contact Benefit Team to take your next step to learn more: (800) 248-7114 /

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