House Panels To Take Up Legislation To Repeal The ACA Next Week.

March 3, 2017


The Washington Post  (3/2, Debonis) reports that with Republican leaders in the House “intent on overcoming internal GOP debates to quickly deliver on a campaign promise,” key House committees are set to take up legislation to repeal the ACA and begin replacing it as early as next week. In a closed-door meeting with Republicans on Thursday, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) “laid out a rapid three-week timeline for the passage of health-care legislation.” However, the Post says that although there is “consensus on many elements of the health-care legislation...major questions remain that have divided Republicans.”

        Bloomberg Politics  (3/2, Greifeld) reports that the House Energy and Commerce Committee and Ways and Means Committee intend to start debating the Affordable Care Act replacement bill next week. Ryan said the committees will begin considering the measure, “which has so far been kept under wraps, with the goal of sending a bill to the Senate within three weeks.” Party leaders hope the bill will reach President Trump’s desk by Easter.

        On its website, CBS News  (3/2) reports that Republican congressional leaders are attempting “to sell this plan to their GOP members, which is a challenging task because some key numbers and details are still missing.”

        House GOP Leaders Hoping To Pass ACA Repeal Legislation In Three Weeks. The Washington Times  (3/2, Howell) reports that on Thursday, House GOP lawmakers said “leaders want to smooth over party divisions and pass their Obamacare repeal plan within three weeks, as the GOP scrambles to keep its health care promises before the Easter break.” The article says party leaders are attempting to repeal and replace as much of the Affordable Care Act as possible using a budget maneuver called reconciliation. GOP lawmakers “said relevant committees are striving to mark up their bills next week, so the plan can advance through House budget and rules panels before hitting the floor.”

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